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Vision & Mission



To  build a team of motivated scientists who would help in translating the   basic research to the clinical domain. The team also will strive for excellence in research and effective in controlling the diseases.  


Cancyte is committed to provide reliable, affordable diagnostic tests   to the patients. It will utilize the talents of a committed scientific team, national and international scientific collaborators to achieve this goal. It will also continue basic research to help the clinicians to manage the patients more effectively.



Cancyte is a company that focuses on developing modern molecular and genomic based diagnostic test that would give us insight (Cyte ) into the detection and possible therapies for various types of Cancer (Can) and infectious diseases and hence the name Cancyte has been chosen to represent our interest in creating company with this vison.


Cancyte has access to senior scientists, Pathologists and Oncologists across the globe and presently setting up world class diagnostics with NABL-ILAC accreditation. We are striving to provide affordable quality molecular diagnostics at customer doorstep with the help of motivated Scientists with various backgrounds.

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